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History of Changes in Soccer Football Rules – A Thorough Look

History of Changes in Soccer Football Rules – Introduction It should be noted that the primary motive for all the official changes in football rules is to improve the spirit of the game and make the game better in every possible way. Essentially, we will look at the major changes in the 19th century and […]

How to Play Basketball – Rules of the Game

Most basketball associations (most notably, the NBA) have their own specific set of rules of play, though all are similar at their core. Here is, more or less, the international standard guidebook for how to play basketball. Two 10′ hoops will be set up at opposite ends of a court. NBA and collegiate standard size […]

The Evolution Of The Rules Of Golf

The Evolution Of The Rules Of Golf The first known rulebook was laid out by the ‘Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers’ in 1744. And on the back cover of that rule book, as a guiding principle of ‘Fairness’ is the overriding principle: Play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, […]

Baseball Rules – Can You Name 5 Common Kinds of Baseball Interference?

Can You Name the 5 Most Common Kinds of Baseball Interference? If you coach, play or watch baseball, you should be familiar with the term “baseball interference”. Baseball interference is described as any infraction or action by a person that illegally alters the course of baseball play. The five types of interference are covered by […]

Get to Know – Soccer Rules

Similar to any other game, there are some key rules in soccer that players need to follow at all times while playing the game. The rules are as below. 1. In this game, altogether there are two teams to play on field with each team consisting of 11 players. Of them, 10 players are usually […]