Golf Driver Swing: How To Stop Hooking

golf driver swing

The same as slicing, the hook is likewise among the most common issues that golf players face. A golf player can take the steps needed to stop slicing however might generate a hook. A hook is triggered if the club face slightly closes at the position of impact, thus causing the golf ball to spin in a counter-clockwise direction. It primarily occurs because of a ‘strong grip’ but may be easily fixed by mastering your golf driver swing.

Whether you are hooking or slicing, the most important thing you have to do is to discover how to swing the exact opposite of precisely what you are doing now. To do this, you will need to move the golf ball forward in your stance. Many players that slice the golf ball play the golf ball forward within their stance. You only need to copy these people and you will then begin slicing.

Look at your grip strength as a tight grip, mostly by the bottom hand, is a significant factor exactly why you start to hook the golf ball. When you are squeezing too tight while swinging, you make the golf ball to go more towards the left than usual. You will want to go back and begin from the basics of the right way to grip the golf club. So, you ought to have only two knuckles on your left hand showing whenever you take your golf grip. Should you be showing 3 knuckles, then you are using a strong grip, which ends up in hooking. It’s also possible to quit hooking simply by weakening your grip. To do this, you will need to simply turn both your hands anti-clockwise on the golf grip (clockwise regarding lefties). In addition, you only need to hold the golf club tight enough to keep control of the club. Do not forget that you should make only little changes to your grip, simply because overdoing it can cause difficulties while swinging and might cause slicing.

Stand squarer to the target. In case you hook the golf ball, it means that you could have shut your stance as well as situated your front foot much closer to the ball compared to your back foot. To avoid hooking the ball, see to it that each of your feet are at equal distance from the golf ball in addition to parallel to the target line.

An additional golf driver swing tip that can help you to cure hooking is to be sure to have a full body turn whenever striking the ball. You should not focus on striking the ball hard with a hard swing, but need to alternatively concentrate on driving the swing by using your hips. Practice your golf driver swing very carefully trying to slow down your golf swing to quit hooking the golf ball. Swinging together with your hips and letting your arms to follow is the key to getting a smooth golf swing. A half an hour session practicing this will definitely help you to stop hooking.

Additionally, make it a point that you are finishing with your weight on the front foot. This really is, in reality, the best cure for hooking. Any time you hook it occurs simply because you end-up putting too much of your weight on your back foot. If you do this, it makes you come across the ball with the face of the club closed and consequently causes a hook. Thus, you should finish with your weight on your forward foot and you’ll stop hooking.

The other primary reason behind your hooking is keeping the club head turned to the left at impact. To quit hooking, keep your clubface at a 90 degree angle to the ball at impact. Some practice sessions of golf driver swings with special importance on hitting the golf ball with square contact instead of across it could work wonders in getting rid of your hook.

You must learn the fundamental principles involved in a golf driver swing to hit the ball straighter as well as to quit hooking. Just adhere to the tips given above and you’ll be able to hit the golf ball like a pro.

Source by Sam Kinsley