Ladies Golf Wear: What to Wear to the Golf Course?

Wondering what you should wear to the golf course? Not having the proper ladies golf wear can get you out of the fairways faster than you can sink a five footer. Get the insights that can save your golfing day.

When it comes to dress codes, golf courses stick to the book norms. There is a common understanding of ladies golf wear, but it depends on where you go. For one thing, private clubs tend to be more strict. It is of no surprise to find country clubs that allow only below the knee pants or certain shoes to be worn, or no pants and only golf skirts, it can be as tough as only allowing certain colors out on the course.

To avoid disappointment make sure you confirm the rules at the club’s pro-shop before showing up. Some public courses are a little more lenient, but it is in your best benefit to check it out.

Anyhow, the new ladies golf wear technologies are pretty nifty. Can you imagine? how they played a couple hundred years ago with heavy wool ankle length skirts and stiff blouses? That would be quite a challenge today. Now is a different story, there are plenty of brands to choose from that will breath correctly, that will let the body swing without constraint and that specialize in ladies golf wear.

What about prices? Well, you can find ladies golf wear for all wallet sizes. If you do not have the budget to fill your closet with golf shirts and golf shoes, look at alternatives that are within your price range.

Here are some ladies golf wear tips you may want to consider:

  1. Fabrics: Playing a round of 18 holes means being under the sun (most of the time) for about 4:30 hours. Even if it is not a nice sunny day out, you are swinging, walking, focusing, sinking those long putts, not sinking long putts, etc. and that makes your body sweat. You want softness, breathability and protection. Cotton will be your best option, unless you rather choose a super high tech alternative.
  2. Colors: It depends on where you are playing, but if sun is a factor opting for lighter colors will keep you cooler through the round.
  3. Fit: Do not take for granted having the right size. Being comfortable is a most. You don’t want to be too loose or you’ll have too much material to deal with. And too tight will not allow you to swing properly.

Ladies golf wear is fun, enjoy it! play with it! Wear what looks good, fits well and most of all, makes you feel like a true golfer!

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Source by Vinny Riviello