Soccer Balls: Crafted With Technology

Soccer is the most widely played sports. It is watched & played in almost all countries on this planet. People across the globe just love to play this game. Every day we come across various instances in which from kids to all age people play this game to get excitement & thrills.

The soccer ball is the most interesting element of this game. Eleven players on each side just compete with each other for the possession of this round structure only. The advancement in the field of technology has positively contributed towards its development.

The most vital part of the soccer ball is its outer covering. This basically comprises of the synthetic leather. The pure leather has the property to absorb water. But synthetic leather has no tendency to absorb water molecules. Synthetic leather is nothing but a hydrocarbon compound. The most preferred hydrocarbon that is used to manufacture the outer covering is the poly-ethane. The chemical properties of this compound prevents water from getting absorbed. Thus, it should not get heavier. In place of synthetic leather, if pure leather would have been used, than the ball would have become heavier.

The second important part of soccer balls is lining. It is basically the several layers that are placed in between the outer covering & the bladder. The most preferred choice of material for this purpose is nylon. It provides support to the ball & help in providing bounce. It prevents it from busting & provides strength against hard strokes.

The next important part of the soccer ball is bladder. It is most vital as it holds air inside it. The most preferred material for this purpose in latex. It has the property to hold air for a very long duration, providing it durability & strength.

Last but not least is the stitching. Modern equipment along with stitching with very good quality thread is provided in order to provide strength to the soccer ball.

These are some of the specifications that are associated with the soccer ball. But now the question arises are these the only specifications that one should consider prior to purchase. The answer to this question is simple. There is one more parameter that widely influences the performance of the soccer ball. It is its color. The game & practice has to take place not only in the day light, but also in the night as well as in rainy day. So, colors play an important part in the performance. As per the study, there are certain wavelength colors that provide good vision to the players. Colors play a vital role in giving higher performance. So, always go for the colors that give good vision in every season.

Apart from this, one more factor affects the performance of players in the game. It is the name & logo of the team. Currently, the promotional soccer balls are highly demanded in the market. This is due to the fact that these contain the name & logo of the team. This helps the team in gaining popularity in the neighboring or local tournament. Apart from this, these attributes help in enhancing the performance of the players. One most important advantage of promotional soccer ball is that it helps in drawing attention of the sponsors. It gives the feeling to sponsors that these guys are surely doing some serious business on the ground. This feeling helps in raising the fund & attracting the sponsors.


Discussed above some of the points that widely influence the manufacturing process of soccer balls. Buyers should check the above mentioned attributes prior to buying. One more thing should be added to this is that technology is associated with everything.


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